Our Ideas

1. The Cam­bo­dian rope pumpRoap Pump
ROVAI’ is the Cam­bo­dian ver­sion of the pop­u­lar rope pump which is being pro­duced in our ded­i­cated work­shop in Phnom Penh. Stan­dard pumps as well as pond pumps, dou­ble handed pumps (schools), fam­ily pumps, deep well, ele­vated and solar pumps are now avail­able. Pro­duc­tion and instal­la­tion has cur­rently exceeded 6500 pumps so far.

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2. Kan­dal pumpKandalpump
A very small and low cost PVC hand pump for undeep wells and ponds around US$ 20.

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3. Bio sand fil­ter
The bio-​sand fil­ter is a device used for treat­ing con­t­a­m­i­nated water at the house­hold level. The BSF we are pro­mot­ing is a cement based con­tainer filled with a sand media. We are cur­rently re-​designing our cement mould and aim­ing at a mould cost of around $150.

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4. Tulip fil­ter (Kjong fil­ter)tulipfoto
Rev­o­lu­tion on low cost water fil­ters is reached with this ceramic car­bon can­dle fil­ter with impreg­nated col­lo­dial sil­ver. The can­dle is bought in India and the fil­ter is assem­bled in the IaW fac­tory. For one fam­ily 1 can­dle is enough for 2 years of clean drink­ing water. Up to 3 can­dles per bucket is suit­able for larger groups such as a class room.

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5. The ‘Gulper’

GulperThe ‘Gulper’ is a man­u­ally oper­ated hand­pump specif­i­cally designed to empty pit latrines.
It reduces the risk of con­tact with the pit con­tents and the oper­a­tors and is a more effec­tive means of emp­ty­ing the pit. The cost of the unit is expected to be between around $120 — $160 depend­ing on the model.

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6. Rain­wa­ter har­vest­ing tank

a. The Rain Cap:raincap
A plas­tic lined tank designed in The Nether­lands. It is a light in weight and easy install tank. Just dig a meter deep hole, hang the plas­tic lin­ing in the hole, con­nect a pipe from the roof to the tank on one site and tap water from the other site.

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b. BOB:

bobpictureA water­stor­age tank of 1400L, stor­ing rain­wa­ter and keep­ing it at drink­ing water qual­ity. BOB comes in a easy pack­age that weight 4kg and is smaller than a 20L water bucket. Unfold BOB, con­nect the inner and outer bag, adjust the tap and catch the rain­wa­ter at the top.

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c. Har­vest TankHarvest tank
This is a design of tank from Thai­land which uses curved cement seg­ments joined together and ren­dered. It offers great oppor­tu­nity for peo­ple to assist with man­u­fac­ture or do it them­selves for this 3200ltr tank.

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7. Build­ing a Dis­tri­b­u­tion Channel

Appro­pri­ate tech­nol­ogy is only appro­pri­ate if peo­ple really are able to use it.
That means that the gap between inno­va­tions and pos­si­bil­i­ties for pur­chas­ing these tech­niques needs to be closed.
IaW is com­mit­ted to set up a sus­tain­able and donor-​independent dis­tri­b­u­tion chan­nel in which

  • a choice of products
  • at the right and hon­est price
  • will be offered with micro credits

This last ben­e­fit will make it pos­si­ble for buy­ers to also build up credit his­tory that can ben­e­fit them at a later point. IaW will be the guar­an­tor for its prod­ucts and there­fore each prod­uct will be its own col­lat­eral. For the micro credit provider it means access to a large group that has never been their cus­tomer and they might be able to lower their inter­est rate.

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IaW uses Ali­bre Design Pro­fes­sional for our mechan­i­cal design and draw­ings and we would like to express thanks to Ali­bre for their sup­port and assis­tance with our work in Cambodia.

More info: info@​ideas-​at-​work.​org

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Ideas at Work

A Cam­bo­dian social enter­prise that:

  • Brings water and san­i­ta­tion prod­ucts to the Cam­bo­dian rural market;
  • Through an inno­v­a­tive dis­tri­b­u­tion channel;
  • With pro­mo­tion of financ­ing through micro loans;
  • IaW uses a busi­ness approach to full­fill its social goals.

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