Investor Infor­ma­tion

Ideas at Work is look­ing for investors in the Rope Pump fac­tory and its dis­tri­b­u­tion channel.

  • Deposit: min­i­mum €1000 (=10 demo pump)
  • Min­i­mum Period: 2 years

See­ing is believ­ing. The start up of a local dis­tri­b­u­tion chan­nel needs 100 Rope-​Pumps for demon­stra­tion in 100 vil­lages (€10.000). Users will want to have a ropepump them­selves after becom­ing con­vinced of the ben­e­fit of the pump. These can be bought on credit if needed.

Our new gal­va­nized Rope-​Pump tech­nol­ogy has a life-​cycle of minium 10 years with a main­te­nance cost is around €3 per year. There­fore for 120 Khmer riel per day (US$0.04 or €0,03) per fam­ily a fam­ily of 5 has easy access to cleaner water. Over 6500 sold pumps have been installed in the field in the past 8 years ben­e­fit­ing 250,000 peo­ple.


  • Women and girls who have the job to col­lect the daily fam­ily water need will see a sig­nif­i­cant increase in avail­able time for school and other work.
  • Bet­ter qual­ity water with­out sand and dirt
  • 90% less bac­te­ria in the well.
  • 50% time sav­ing on cook­ing, clean­ing, rins­ing, laun­dry and showering.
  • A Case Study in Por Pel com­mune; after installing a Rovai pump increased a palm wine business’s pro­duc­tion capac­ity by 15 liters per day, a poten­tial US$4.40 daily increase of income.
  • No falling in the well.

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Ideas at Work

A Cam­bo­dian social enter­prise that:

  • Brings water and san­i­ta­tion prod­ucts to the Cam­bo­dian rural market;
  • Through an inno­v­a­tive dis­tri­b­u­tion channel;
  • With pro­mo­tion of financ­ing through micro loans;
  • IaW uses a busi­ness approach to full­fill its social goals.

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